Easter in our Hearts

Happy Easter everyone! Hope your Holy Week is as peaceful and meaningful as ours 🙂

We celebrate Easter yearly like Christmas and new year. But Easter is a joyous religious celebration for Christians around the world. Some say it is actually more important than Christmas because this is the time Jesus suffered, died, and rose again to save the world. Well, Christmas is very important too since it started Christ’s life on Earth with us. They’re both equally important celebrations for me.

In my childhood days, I usually fix the easter egg hunt at home for my brother. I painted real eggs or sometimes used toy eggs for the hunt. We never joined any other egg hunts. We don’t have cousins our age growing up so it was me and my brother as playmates forever 🙂

Now that I’m a mom, Easter seems to be different too. Thinking why, I just thought that a magical thing happens when you become a mom. Everything becomes not about yourself anymore. Everything you see around and do will revolve around your child. It’s such a happy feeling. Now, Easter and other holidays become full of activities for the children.

This year, even though we are just in the process of making her understand a lot of things including religious activities and beliefs, our little girl experienced her first easter egg hunt (with the help of her cousins, aunts, and uncles too). No expensive egg hunts just pure fun, family, food, and of course prayer to celebrate Easter. No money involved too, just the fun of egg hunting (who gets the most eggs) and family time. Fun Easter time for everyone! We are never too old for Easter egg hunts!

Easter may be full of fun and activities for children now but deep in our hearts let’s not forget that this is the day Jesus Christ resurrected after suffering and death and went up to heaven to save us all from sin.

May the Easter season fill your hearts and home with goodness, love, joy, and peace.


Here are a few snaps from yesterday’s celebration 🙂

St. Ignatius Cathedral Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City
Filipinos love food for celebrations. Easter is another important celebration that deserves kurobota lechons and other delicious food 🙂
After mass, Dada and the little girl
Hunting begins! the little girls’s first basket of 18 eggs filled up with the help of all her cousins 🙂

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