Becoming a better person

Everyday, we go by with our routine work and activities and sometimes we make decisions for ourselves that we simply just don’t know what it’s worth. The little things really do matter.

God finds so many ways to help us realize that each day is a gift and a blessing. We usually ignore them but stop and look around you now. Everything you have are gifts and blessings. We treasure them and take care of them the best way we can.

We succumb to materialism sometimes. This is the greatest challenge. We always have a choice in everything we do amd should always pick the best for your family and not just for yourself alone. Selfishness leads to greed, leads to chaos within yourself, and around you. Prayers and guidance will work if we work on it ourselves.

We know ourselves better and we just have to steer to the right direction always. A mistake cannot be undone so be smart and be wisdomful in making choices. Influencers are all around us bit all we nees is to keep our head high and if we are truly brave, our love and our priorities in life will prevail.

Life is what we make of it. Some days are bad, some days are good. But we never give up on the bad days. We stand up and be better, always better and never worse. Being worse will lead to our fears and before everything goes out of control, fix and face everything everyday.

I have 2 lovely children (one will be born in June of this year) who I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Now I know how it feels to say, I will do my best and give up even my own life for them. Yes ,it’s true. I learned to be selfless and do more sacrifices for others’ comfort and joy . Nothing makes me happy but good decisions for my family. No peer pressure can stop my decisions now because I have a family and children to raise.


Couldn’t be prouder of my kid when she started walking a bit, talking, saying hello, and even when she smiles at people. At the back of my mind, I say, that’s my baby girl! I must be a dramatic and over acting mom but that’s how it is! Most moms can relate I’m sure 🙂

I will lead a life of love and goodness because of them. Because nothing inspires me to be good all the time but them. I will always see to it that I will act responsibly and make good rational decisions even if entails loosing some things in life.

Before I entered in any relationships or new things in my life, I always make sure I’m fully ready and mature because if I’m not the people around me will suffer and as a good person, we should never choose to be happy at the expense of others. Our conscience should be working everyday and every minute. I pitty and pray for those who lived years of sin and lies. But all we can do is wish them well.


Love is very used word. It’s not just romantic. I love my parents and siblings first in this life , then the relationship I chose to be in more a decade ago, and now fulfilled with my kids. People think I’m always young for my thoughts, but I never took life for the heck of it, for the temporary silly kinds of fun with friends, for drinks and drunk nights I can be in, for the wild adventures I can be in. I chose to be a bit “boring” as others may put it, but I chose peace of mind, happiness , and no regrets over those. A life I can be proud of with my kids and be honest with them.


So many things changed me in the past years of my life, but one thing is for sure. The children I have today are making me so much stronger and better. They are indeeed life-changing. I am wiser and stronger everyday.

May the good and best of things be with us all!


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