Adorable, classy clips for babies & kids

Finally at 10 months our darling baby has enough hair for clips to hold on to! Months back, I gave birth to a baby girl full of hair then as time passed, she lost them and was almost bald. But her shiny beautiful hair is now here to stay!


She used to wear turbans and a few headbands but now I was able to purchase cute clips from Adorable Knots (Philippine-based seller of classy clips and bows for little girls. Well, even adults can wear them too, why not!). I made sure her clips are safe enough not to hurt her.


Adorable Knots’s products are very safe since the clips are covered with fine quality ribbons from the USA and they put a foam on the clips to help keep them in place when the baby/ kid uses them.

You can request for customized clips (choosing from their cute designs from their Facebook  and IG accounts). They have reasonable prices too. Spent around P400 for all the clips I bought with shipping fee. It’s worth buying especially knowing that my baby’s clips are of quality (will last for a long time) and are safe for her to use.

All their clips are handmade and of excellent quality. I figured, I don’t really need much clips for my baby. Just a few classy, good quality, and neutral designs to match her colorful and neutral clothes.

Check them out here on IG: Adorable_Knots

And in Facebook: Adorable Knots

Have fun dolling up your little ones!


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