For the love of scents: His & Her perfume

I’m a super big fan of perfumes! I started collecting perfume bottles since I was in 5th Grade. I ended up having 300 plus bottles all stored in my closet instead of displaying them because they look to messy and get so much dust in time.

Little by little, those boxes became fewer and fewer until when I was in college, I decided to let them all go because of too much clutter. Nevertheless, my love for perfumes did not end there. I still buy so much more than what I use today (I try not to though).

My love for perfumes stems from the fact that I hate bad smelling things and people. I love good, sweet scented surroundings (don’t we all?). And my sense of smell is extra sensitive and strong (even if I’m not pregnant).

I requested Chanel Chance perfume from my husband’s trip from Paris last year and luckily, he gave it as a pasalubong. Chanel Chance is my favorite perfume today (for the past years since they introduced it).

I have so many favorite scents. Here’s a list of my all time favorite perfumes (mostly from the 90s when I was head over heels with scents and perfumes):

  1. Cool Water for women
  2. CK1
  3. Izzey Miyake
  4. Ralph Lauren Romance
  5. BLU by Bvlgari
  6. Kenzo
  7. Kenzo flower
  8. Clinique Happy
  9. L’Eau Par Kenzo
  10. Gap Dream
  11. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea
  12. Tommy Girl
  13. Polo Sport for women
  14. Gucci Envy

** too bad I didn’t took pictures of them back then

As I grew older, my favorites became few and I use one perfume at a time only. Unlike before, I use whatever line up I have on hand depending on my mood for the day. Different scent for a different day.

I rarely find fine couple scented perfumes that are of the same brand (well, that’s for my taste), but now our current favorite scents are both from Chanel – CHANEL CHANCE (for women) and BLEU de CHANEL (for men).


Chanel Chance has it fresh scent with a tinge of flowery scent. Bleu de Chanel has a fresh woody scent. They both smell so fresh and we love it. First time we had a His & Her perfume, I guess, since we got together (that’s more than a decade now).

With Chanel’s high end image, of course the perfume doesn’t come very affordable. Chance is $125  for 5 fl.oz. (that’s P4,700 plus) and Bleu de Chanel is &72 for 5 fl.oz. (that’s P5,900). Really expensive but you just have to spray once or twice daily depending how scented you wanted to be and it will last the whole day.

Spray it and love it!


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