3rd Month

It’s her 3rd month! So many new developments and skills she’s trying to do. She’s now trying to roll over, talk to her favorite toy, we heard her first laughters (it was music to our ears), still very smiley, and tries to sit up.

Because Mom is beside her during sleep time, she still never woke up in the middle of the night. She just needs Mom for feeding. We also removed her mittens to get a good feel of her surrounding and the toys she’s trying to hold. This is the time we disinfect, disinfect, disinfect. New mom (who is particular about cleanliness) with a newborn baby equals nonstop cleaning, wiping, and disinfecting 🙂


Baby, you are now trying to roll over. This is too fast. We’re with you all the way baby. You are becoming more and more adorable each day and nothing is better than waking up beside you every morning! Cosleeping and breastfeeding bonds mom and baby so much!

I bet next month you’ll have a major major milestone. We’re excited!


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