2nd Month

Our little bundle of joy is now 2 months old! Time flies when the days are filled with baby meals, diaper changes, few playtime, bath time, cuddle time, naps (repeat all those everyday).

We are still on this newborn high. We can’t stop reading about infant development, newborn care, etc. Wonder how our parents did it without mobile phones and instant information from the web. Gosh, Google is our best friend now especially when we panic. We know that the information is not guaranteed true but at least reading some parents and babies experience the same things lessened our worries.


Baby Chesca, you now try to make different sounds and you are a smiling baby for every waking moment you have in the morning and after nap times.

You’re starting to gain lots of weight because of pure mom’s milk. Thank you to mom’s lactation aids too and her will power to purely breastfeed you.

You’re starting to be aware of your surroundings and you look around non-stop. We moved to a new home and hopefully you’ll like it. We needed more space to move around especially when you start to walk.

You have been baptized too. May God bless you everyday and our little family.

More adventures next month for the 3 of us!


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