Out with a baby or toddler? Summer Essentials to Bring

Summer 2018 is officially in Manila! Going out is not as easy as those colds nights last year but it’s really a fun season too. Days are more humid now so here are some of the things you can bring in your bags or baby bags if you need to go out quickly with you baby or tot in tow. These things will help ease the extreme hear we are experiencing.




For you and for baby (if your baby is already eating solids). Bring water in a tumbler or water bottle and stay hydrated. Water helps balance our body’s temperature too. The busy day and with the tasks we need to do, we sometimes forget how important it is to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Don’t forget that water has a lot of benefits.

It doesn’t need to be strictly 8-10 glasses of water but it depends also on the activities you’ll be doing or how much you’ll be sweating or expelling from your body. We just need to always replenish the water that keeps our organs functioning properly.

If you don’t have water bottles for going out, don’t worry because you don’t need to spend so much for it. There are less than 100-peso bottles (that are really nice) in Japan Home. You can even get for each member of the family and even your helpers. The water can be cold or warm depending on your preference. It really doesn’t matter but if you want that cooling effect, bring a cold one with ice.

Fan / “Pamaypay”

This is always useful. Always keep one in you bag in case the heat becomes to unbearable. There are places with air conditioner in the summer season that are still very humid or sometimes the air conditioner cannot function as efficiently due to extreme heat or it can be crowded too.

What’s a good fan?


These days there are now rechargeable mini fans you put in your bags. I’ve been using one and it’s nothing but a little savior to me and to the kids. You can even keep one in the car. We also have one attached to the strollers of the kids in case it’s needed. You can get these from department stores or online in Lazada or other online shops that sell this. Make sure there’s a return policy in case it’s defective.


You can buy abanico fans. This may seem so an old-fashion cooling piece but trust me, it works. Less effort, more air. It’s just bulky to bring but I don’t mind if it’s useful. I saw one in Greenhills shopping centre in the bazaar area- Filipino crafts and Home section.


The regular foldable cloth or paper fans work too, they come in different designs and sizes. You can buy them from department stores nationwide.

Spray Bottle with H2O


Your small empty spray bottles can still be useful! Clean them well and put water or cold water when you head out. You don’t actually need to buy Evian but this little hack will do. Spray on your face and neck when you feel warm and hot. You can use this when you really feel the heat giving you so much discomfort.

This can prevent heatstroke and keep your body cool. We are like cars who need cool down too in hot summer weather conditions. You can spray on your toddler too. For sure they’ll enjoy it.

You can buy small spray bottles in Japanese and Korean shops sprouting around – Miniso, Japan Home, Mumuso, and more. You can even get from supermarkets and department store nationwide.

Face towel


This comes in handy when you need to feel cool and fresh instantly. It will always be helpful for you or your baby. Just wet it with water (warm to cold) and wipe on the face and arms.

Extra shirt / top 

Sweat is dangerous if you don’t manage well. For toddlers, best to put a towel or lampin on their back to absorb the sweat. Bring extra clothes for you and your baby or tot just in case you break a sweat. It is believed by a lot of our elders that when sweat dries up on our backs, we could get colds and cough or worse pneumonia. But if we dry ourselves well after sweating, I personally don’t think there’s a problem since sweating is a good way to release body heat.

Your Favorite Scent 

If you’re into essential oils or aromatherapy, you can bring your relaxing scent with you so in case you feel warm and you feel really annoyed with the weather, just waft a little to keep your cool. Maybe it will work for your baby too.


Hot weather seems to make a lot of people feel hunger more often than on cold days. Don’t forget to bring small snacks for you and your baby or tot. The feeling of hunger in hot weather is not a good feeling at all.

Your baby or toddler’s favorite toys


Just like adults, kids will calm down when they get the things they like and enjoy. A hot weather can agitate a baby or  toddler so it’s best if you have things to entertain them while you’re out. Sometimes, it’s the one that will save you from a big tantrum.

Enjoy the Summer! 

images: Ikea, Ebay, Tagaloglang.com, Amazon.com, and Lazada


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