Christmas Movies for Kids and the whole Family

Aside from my Halloween movies list for the family, here’s  a list of Christmas movies you can watch with your kids. I enjoyed them growing up and there are so much memories made as I recall the moments I watched these with my family and siblings. I remembered watching some every Christmas just because I love the memory of us watching it as a family in the past.

Watching a movie with your children is a time to bond and make timeless wonderful memories that they will be cherishing for the rest of their lives and yours too.

Disney’s The Santa Clause


After watching this movie, my imagination of Santa Clause always takes me back to this movie. I fell in love with the characters and the story. I can’t wait until our children understand and watch a full length non-cartoon movie (but I’m not rushing).

Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2


I still want to watch this yearly up to this very day. Since I already visited New York and fell in love with the city too, I can imagine how lovely Christmas time is in New York. The plot itself is crazy but possible. I wonder how our children will react to this film.



Will Ferrel will always be Will Ferrel. Holiday laughter’s never been this good when you watch this movie. As usual, crazy comedy that will make you laugh even after the movie. It’s not just for small kids though but big kids will enjoy.

The Polar Express


I was amazed how beautiful the movie was when it was first released back then plus I love Tom Hanks! Such a good actor!

Jingle All the Way


It’s time for the kids to know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is! But this is not his macho side though. A good laugh and light movie for the family.

Love Actually


This romantic comedy movie is for families with older kids. So they can appreciate romance  in this happy holiday movie.

Four Christmases


A funny romantic comedy. Watch this with teenager kids or even older children like ourselves. I love the good feeling after watching this movie.

The Nightmare Before Christmas


Christmas and nightmare doesn’t seem to add up right? But this stop motion fantasy music is one of a kind and a first of its kind before. It’s something new but don’t let the small kids watch it, if they get scared of it, they might probably get real nightmares.

The Muppet Christmas Carol


I was a big fan of Muppets Take Manhattan and this one is a good Christmas version of a puppet musical movie. It’s nice and you’ll always remember the famous love team of Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.

The Holiday


This is such a feel good movie! Again, this is for the older kids like teenagers or older. But I personally enjoy feel-good movies during this festive season.

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! But we can make this joyous season stay throughout the year. It’s all about perspective. We see things how we want to see them. 

Less than 2 weeks to go before Christmas! Are you feeling the rush?


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