Toddler-Friendly Halloween Movies

We’ve introduced Halloween to our children recently and this is the first time they are exposed to ghosts, vampires, witches, goblins, zombies, and other characters of halloween. Our curious little 2-year old seems to be so curious and knows the concept of scary just recently too. She didn’t seem to be scared of anything until maybe a month ago. Yes, no fear of heights, fear of falling down from anywhere, no fear of “mister guard” (as what most Filipinos tell their kids to put fear in whatever naughty thing they plan to do), no fear of the dark, no fear of insects, or anything. Our 1-year old boy, on the other hand, is simply observing and shouting to express whatever he feels like at this stage in his life. No fears much yet too.

Now that halloween is coming up and it seems even Youtube has a halloween tab now, we want to introduce kid-friendly movies to the kids as they grow up. This movie list will keep us guided on what are the nice ones to make them watch so that we do not spook them to much. We don’t want bad dreams do we?

This is list is for younger kids from ages 2 -5 or depends how you see it fit for your child. Since most kids this age are attracted to colourful and moving movies and videos, this list is perfect for them!

  1. Casper – a movie from 1995. Can you believe it was more than a 2 decades when teenagers loved the movie because of Devon Sawa? I was one of them too (hahaha!). Casper is a cute ghost to introduce to your kids especially the younger ones.


2. Hotel Transylvania – This 2012 animation is so cute and there are so many adorable monsters and creatures to introduce to your child.


3. Monsters Inc. – This animation from 2001 will excite your kids. They usually stop when they see baby Boo in the movie. Lovable Sulley and Mike Wazowski are the top scare team but because they’re so cute, you want to have stuffed toy of them beside your bed.


4. Hotel Transylvania 2 – This 2015 animation is the sequel of #2 above. Still scarily adorable.


5. Spooky Buddies – This 2011 Disney movie will be adored by those kids who are dog-lovers at an early age.


6. Monsters University- the prequel of Monsters Inc. More cute monsters alert!



Here are some Netflix shows and movies for halloween too


Enjoy watching ! I’m sure the young tots won’t finish until the end (for some). Just be sure to guide and explain to them as they watch what the creatures are. They might get nightmares or it may scare them a bit. Just try and look for their choice of halloween movie and character.

Happy Halloween! 


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