Dry Skin No More

My skin has always been combination type of skin- dry on some days and oily on some days. It’s actually harder to manage than a skin that’s consistently the same everyday. I started sharing products here that I use when they’re already empty to really emphasize on how useful and effective a product is. But this time, I’m making an exception for a product that  is worth sharing on how effective and helpful it is for me.

I recently suffered from extreme skin dryness. Well, it’s really dry that I feel my skin stretching when I smile and when I talk. It was also painful and sensitive after I wash my face or take a bath. It irritated me and my skin looked and even felt older than usual. I’m not sure what caused it but maybe the sudden weather changes-sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon.

I tried using a couple of moisturizers that I have readily at home but they don’t seem to work. So when we went to S&R to buy our usual needs for the home and kids, I saw this simple-looking product and just decide to try it out. It turned out to be really great for me and my skin type! Let’s admit it, some products are effective for most people because they are well-known and very expensive but some  products naturally just don’t match certain skin types even if they’re hypoallergenic or affordable.


I have been using this POND’S Rejuveness cream for a month now and yes, I notice how I don’t feel some dry skin on my face anymore. Giving this product a 9/10 rating (10 being the highest). I think the big jar will last a year with me. The jar I got was big (Well, there are no other variants available here in the Philippines for this product, I guess) and the packaging  simple. The big jar costs almost Php500. It’s actually affordable for its size.


It’s also easy to apply and it’s not oily after you apply it on your skin. This product seems to have a stronger scent than other skin products out there today. For some people, the scent of the cream might be too strong but the scent goes away really fast and doesn’t linger for a long time. I find the scent relaxing too.

One caveat though is that a big jar (like the one I got) isn’t easy to bring around or is heavy and bulky to bring when you travel. You may just put them in small containers so they’re easy to bring with you.

I tried this product since it’s one of the trusted skin product brands in the market so I think it’s safe to try it. My skin really found its new partner when dry season comes and I guess I can use it more often since it’s an anti-aging cream too and claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Well, so far, people have been complimenting my skin so I’m not sure if it’s Pond’s Rejuveness in effect (I hope so). Know more about it here

Get it from S&R here in the Philippines. You may call from time to time to ask  if it’s  available if they’re out of stock.

Enjoy ladies and gents! This product is not just for the ladies of course.

“Glowing skin is always in”

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