Keeping the home clean & pests-free

I mentioned before that there are natural ways to make an anti cockroach solution for your home. But because our days are so busy taking care of the 2 kids and attending to important stuff, we don’t always have the time to make our own solution to shoo away the tiny pests that enters the home.

In our new home, we don’t seem to have a roach problem unlike in our previous homes. Probably because there are still few people around or the building is really new. But in time (for sure) there will be (whether we like it or not). Since we have small kids around, we want to keep the home as neat and clean as possible and we’re trying to do everything we can to prevent tiny pests like ants (plus small roaches and mouse) to come in (although that’s a long shot). These ants may bite the kids too or go your food. Small roaches are dangerous too. These small creatures crawl in the dirtiest parts of the earth (with no exaggeration okay?) since they crawl in the smallest corners of the planet that is beyond man’s reach.

These are so far effective for us. Maybe you can try them out too for your home and rooms.

1. Aside from regularly keeping the home clean and tidy, keep all food leftovers in sealed containers so you don’t attract pests. Don’t give them a reason to go near you.

2. We bought a door seal to be placed at the bottom part of the door. What does this do? Well, it keep dusts and pests away. The cockroaches won’t fit here anymore and if you stick it well, the bigger ants won’t get it too. You’ll also lessen the dust that will enter you home. Don’t worry about the sides of the door and let the air pass through there. Mostly the unpleasant activities are always on the floor area. It’s so easy to put. I put ours myself. Bought it for only Php319.00 from Handyman in Robinsons Galleria. I’m sure other hardware shops have these too.

3. We had ant problems the past days when it started raining. Maybe ants went on an exodus to hide from the rain. But whatever it is, they’re part of our lives and tried X-Terminator non-toxic powder from Sesou. And it really worked! You just have to spread it well in area where the pests pass. I like this because since we have 2 small kids around who crawl and move around the floor often, I don’t have to worry too much on how dangerous and poisonous these things usually are. Of course just the same, we won’t allow them to even touch it. I like this product because it’s proven to be 100% non-toxic and effective, it can also be used for preventive maintenance, it has no smell at all, and it is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Also, this product is very affordable- the big one is Php120 and the small sachet is Php45.


Being an person who loves tidying up is not easy but with the help of these types of products are a big help! Protecting the home and family from harsh elements which includes insects and other animals that could cause harm is not easy but creative inventions like this one does so much favor to mankind.

So I personally encourage everyone to use environment-friendly products. Let’s preserve the world for our children and the next generations too. I’ve never been so concerned with the environment and everything around me until I became a mom.

Happy week ahead everyone!


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