50 Things You Can Put in an Easter Egg

***originally published on March 16, 2016 with 35 items you can put in an Easter egg. Now updated for Easter 2017***

If you have young toddlers to toddlers around for Easter egg hunt, a real egg might be not ideal. Some toddlers throw this ball-like eggs around and you don’t want to end up wasting them.

Growing up, I enjoyed painting real eggs for Easter with my family in the comfort of our home. We find the eggs and get a prize for the one who finds the most number of eggs. Easter egg hunt in hotels and malls weren’t as many as today here in the Philippines. Before, families usually do Easter egg hunt for the children (or adults too sometimes) during Easter gatherings of the family.

Now with a toddler, I’d also like to do it at home most of the time. Maybe when the kids are a little bigger, we can try joining an Easter egg hunt events too. You can also do it at home or with the family and friends!

Our home is Easter-ready! 🙂

Here are some things you can put inside the toy eggs. You can actually use a normal sized egg toy or there’s a bigger one available too for bigger prizes inside:

  1. Biscuits
  2. Cookies
  3. Balls (small rubber balls or plastic balls that can fit, stress balls with cute designs)
  4. Favorite snacks like cheese, popcorns, nuts, etc.
  5. Rosaries
  6. Bracelets
  7. Finger puppets
  8. Hair clips or bows (for girls)
  9. Garterized headband (for girls)
  10. candies and gummies
  11. M&M’s or Nips or Skittles
  12. small crayons (few pieces)
  13. cute stickers
  14. temporary tattoos for kids
  15. small toy cars
  16. small figures like a polly pocket doll, small soldiers, Lego characters
  17. plastic whistle
  18. small bubbles
  19. small lollipops
  20. small wind up toys
  21. small party favors (you can look at the party favor section in the toy stores) like a small slinky
  22. small toy bugs like colorful snakes
  23. confetti
  24. small stamps
  25. creative coupons like “get kisses and hugs from mommy and daddy”, “go to mommy to get your new toy”
  26. small cute keychain stuffed toy
  27. small clay or Play Doh (best if edible)
  28. Gift certificate from a toy store or food shop
  29. socks
  30. small fruits like grapes and raisins
  31. colored chalks (so they can play after the egg hunt)
  32. balloons (not inflated)
  33. marbles
  34. small magnetic letters or magnets
  35. cash (coins or small bills only for kids. I still encourage the small gifts than cash)
  36. You can put thr child’s toy/s that he/she hasn’t played or seen for quite some time. (I’ve witnessed how exciting children are when they see their old toys after some time of not playing with them)
  37. Small gelatin snacks
  38. Little instructions (to teach them how to follow instructions and maybe play a game of treasute hunt with it to lead to the next location. You can be creative)
  39. Shopkins
  40. Small Barbies
  41. Polly Pocket dolls
  42. Army men figures (green ones)
  43. Legos
  44. Barbie accesories snd clothes
  45. A parachute toy
  46. Seashells or unique stones
  47. Jackstone set or Chinese Jackstone set (remember that?)
  48. Garter for Chinese garter game (you can teach your kids to enjoy games played in the past)
  49. cute handkerchieves
  50. Grow capsules- those capsules that grow as animals when soaked in water

*** Make sure you clean the toy eggs throughly before putting in food without packaging.

*** Please also consider also your child’s age and ability when choosing toys and items to be placed inside the eggs. Easter egg toys should be handled by children only under strict adult supervision to avoid choking on the small pieces that fit in these toy eggs.

*** With the toy eggs, you can still also have an egg decorating contest using tapes, crayons, and various types of papers for design.

Hope this list helps in filling in those Easter eggs for the kids and kids at heart 🙂

Despite the joyous celebrations with Easter egg hunt and other Easter programs, let’s not forget to remind the young ones and ourselves the true meaning of Easter. Easter Sunday is when Christians around the world comemorates and celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. May your Holy Week be filled with its true meaning more than the other festivities happening around.

holy week.jpg

We use eggs as a symbol of new life and the resurrection of Christ. The eggs are  usually likened to the tomb from which Jesus rose just like how a new chick is born as the eggs hatch.

Happy Easter egg hunting! 🙂

A solemn Holy Week ahead and a Happy Easter to everyone!


***Treasure map image source: Click Here

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