Summer Must-Have: Protect your skin with Clinique

We’re definitely feeling the summer heat and summer in the Philippines is not just about scorching hot sun and clear blue skies. Summer comes with energy-draining humidity and intense heat from the sun’s rays which can damage our skin. Not only can the sun make your skin darker but it can give our skin sun spots and other blemishes from the harmful elements of the sun.

I didn’t realize the importance of taking care of our skin until when  was in high school (relatively a good age to be conscious though). I clean my face regularly and moisturize my whole body with a good moisturizing lotion. Me and my mom used VMV cosmetics brand a lot back then for our cosmetics since their products protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays. So now that I’m a mom -busy and running errands here amd there for the home and family- I really needed something to protect my skin. I want to also prevent possible appearances of sun spots (which my skin type is very prone to) and possible damages to my skin.

The usual misconception is that using sunblock for the skin is because we don’t want to get our skin’s shade darker. Although the sun’s rays can really give you that tanned skin, most Filipinos don’t like that. In reality, these are some things that may happen to your skin with too much sun exposure. You don’t see it sometimes, but even non-direct exposure may cause these immediate amd long term effects:

  1. Sunburn
  2. Sun spots/ freckles, or other skin discolorations (some have yellow discoloration)
  3. wrinkles
  4. premature skin aging 
  5. skin cancer 

Every person’s skin type is different so you can’t tell much who is more prone to get the above mentioned effects of sun exposure. For our part, we can prevent these from happening by protecting and taking care of our skin the best ways we can by following doing simple things like these:

  1. avoid prolonged exposure to the sun
  2. avoid going out and staying under the sun from 10am to 4pm since the Ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun are most harmful this time.
  3. cover your skin and wear long sleeved tops, pants, and dresses
  4. Use sunblock for your skin if you’re going out. Even if you won’t stay under the sun for a long time. Look for the product that will best suit your skin type. I found mine!



Clinique’s Broad Spectrum Sunscreen face cream SPF50 can be applied after you moisturize. You don’t have to apply a lot. It’s also not sticky and the good thing is that it’s SPF 50! I rarely see face products with this much protection. It has SolarSmart technology that stabilizes the protection we need from aging and the UV rays of the sun. It is oil free and fragrance free. It works great under makeup too and really easy to blend. I use it after all my skin care routine too.

You may get your Clinique products in their branches nationwide. Look for the nearest branch here

Skin care need not be complicated, it can be second nature to everyone. It’s also a matter finding what matches your skin type.



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