Love Letter to my First Born on the Eve of Her 2nd Birthday

Dear Little Ate Chesca,

It’s your second birthday already and the past year has been such a blessing to our family. Some highlights of the milestones and memories we enjoyed and experienced.


  • You walked 3 days after your first birthday.
  • It’s the year you became a big sister. I can’t forget how you wondered who the baby was and slowly getting used to having Matt around.
  • First Christmas and New year with your brother. Now first Lent too.
  • You experienced moving in a new home and you had a hard time adjusting but at last you’ve adjusted.
  • You experienced playing in a big indoor playgournd and you can’t get enough of the ball pit.
  • You experienced running fast barefoot on grass and on the sand. You hated sand and dirt on your hands and asked mom to remove them everytime there are bits of sand on them.
  • You became a picky eater! But then we think you just always think about play than eat.
  • You started talking and asking for stuff.
  • You now enjoy your brother who is now not too fragile. You always call babies “Matt” because that’s the name of ypur brother.
  • You shriek and love Minnie Mouse so much!
  • I love it when you say “luv you” and “Q” for thank you.
  • You still can’t sleep on your own. We’ll get there, we’ll get there.
  • You love chicken skin and fruits.
  • You started singing along with nursery rhymes and Disney Junior shows’ songs like Little Einsteins.
  • I can’t believe you look at the clothes we make you wear and you have preferences whether you like to wear them or not. But of course Mom always win.
  • So cute how you try to make the sign of the cross.
  • You want to always look like Mama Mary with your towel on your head as your veil after bath time.
  • Bath time is always fun and your favorite time of the day. It just hard to tell you that your time is up.
  • You requested mom to buy your first thong slippers and chose the design too.
  • Sometimes you ask mom to put down your brother so mom could go with you.
  • You show concern when your brother is crying.
  • You discovered that gelatin and lollipop are one of the best inventions ever and you love them.
  • You had your 2nd haircut and mom and yaya had a hard time entertaining you because you were getting angry at Sir Haircutman.
  • You had your first indoor zoo experience and you enjoyed.
  • Giving you ice will pacifiy you when you’re fussy or irritable.
  • We’re currently learning how to share toys and everything else tp your brother and other people and how to be gentle with your baby brother. You already know how to be quiet when he’s asleep.thank goodness! Haha!
  • You like watching Mothergoose Playhouse with your brother who likes it too.
  • You enjoy the playground and knows how to climb and slide by yourself.
  • You love to dance, jump, crawl, and climb everwhere.why don’t you get tired? Hahaha!
  • We are all moved how sweet you are. You randomly hug and kiss us even your granparents, aunts, uncles, and yayas.
  • You’re such a funny girl and stay cheerful.
  • You’re always curious and wants to try new things now.

And of course, the list may be endless but one thing’s for sure. I’m enjoying ever minute of every day with you and your brother. There are so many other things we experienced together the past year. I do hope when you read these when you’re big enough, you’ll realize how loved and blessed you are. We are also blessed to have a happy, healthy, and funny girl like you. Please be a good example always to your brother. You’ll soon play and enjoy everything together.

We also learn so many things from you, my dear Chesca. You teach us everyday that parenting is not by the book. It’s something you cannot Google every minute. Parenting is unique per family and per person. It’s a gift and a lifelong journey. Sometimes we have to be tougher and stricter but don’t worry it’s all for your future.

I can’t wait to chat with you more about life. In the 2 years we’ve been together, you showed how sweet you are yet there are signs that you’re strong-minded and independent. I am  confident that you will build a relationship  with your brother that will complete you and a relationship that will nourish your soul. Words are not enough to express really how happy I am to see you grow every day. I want you to stay innocent and cheerful and at the same time I can’t wait to see what kind of person you will become.

You’ve blossomed into a very smart girl that it sometimes scares us (just kidding but it’s half meant). You surprise us with your milestones and we cherish each of them. You will learn that mom and dad shares so much about you in social media. Don’t worry. We know our boundaries (some things we opt not to share because we have a good reason for those) and this is just because we are proud and love you so much and we’d like to share your cheerfulness to all. We can’t help but share what’s making us complete and happy- you and your brother Matt.

I’m enjoying all the countless kisses you’d like to give us and the many hugs you just randomly give.

You are our sunshine , our little Chesca, and we love you so very much.

In your own love actions – flying kiss (muah!), hug, beautiful eyes, and smile 🙂



P.S. some of your friends decided to surprise you when you wake up.



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