8th Junior Preneur: Kids for a Social Cause on December 4 @ Pioneer St. Market

There are so many thing’s we’d like our children to learn as they grow up. Aside from the skills they can learn from school and at home, other traits like being resourceful and being intelligent risk-takers are important for the kids to learn. These things should may be learned from their family consistently in their everyday lives.

We’re so happy that there are avenues wherein kids today can enjoy and at the same time learn a lot and one of which is the JUNIOR PRENEUR events. Yes, the kids have joined the entrepreneur world too. So moms and dads, be worried with your businesses (hahaha!) because your kids could probably do better than you someday (which is good right? 🙂 ). Entrepreneurs have taken so many forms these days but at the end of the day everyone is into business (just for different reasons).


I’m personally glad that this selling event for kids – 8th JUNIOR PRENEUR– aims to increase Financial Literacy in the Philippines starting with kids by teaching them the importance and Value of Money.  Parents tend to spoil their children out of love and some don’t know we can spoil them strategically just like joining events like these.

For 4 years, the organizers have put together kids aged 4 to 14 years old who are interested in being entrepreneurs (of course supported by their families too). It’s one family event I highly recommend to those with children. You get to bond and have good memories too. I salute the moms and everyone behind Junior Preneur for wonderful advocacies for families and kids. These events are indeed life changing.

The organization behind Junior Preneur, founded by Mother Entrepreneurs Cherry S. Genato and Mafae YunonBelasco, Bb.Pilipinas -World 2003,  aims to increase financial literacy in the Philippines by introducing the concept of business thru a 1-day program designed to teach kids how to earn money thru hard work, save earnings and share earnings to less fortunate children. As a culminating activity, the kids will be awarded with Business Certificates to make this day more symbolic for them.

Children will also have fun and other ways to learn through workshop sessions by Junior Preneur hosted by Linuxprovi8, Global Leaders International School, Mafae Management and BUSA Academy. They can even get surprises from Santa who will be there at the event. 


Following their ADVOCACY, each Kid entrepreneur participant will exercise the ff:

  • EARN – Kids do actual work thru manning their own booth
  • SAVE – Kids open a bank account from our partner banks after the day work and deposit part of his/her earnings as his/ her savings
  • SHARE – Kids donate to partner foundation
  • LEARN – Kids participate in workshop activities during the event such as: Cooking, Music, Academics and Sports.

This Christmas season the event experience will be shared with the Special Needs Kids of Philippine National School of the Blind together with other kids. There’s entertainment provided by the supporters like Animal Shows from Zoomanity group and games and surprises from Enchanted Kingdom.

Attendees will be from schools, parent groups, religious organisation, and other private clubs. Proceeds of the event will be donated to James Mackay Foundation for Philippine National School of the Blind.  The event will also be attended by known Celebrities, Basketball players, personalities with their families so it’s really a fun event right?

Mark your calendars and enjoy on Sunday, December 4, 2016 at the Pioneer St Market corner Reliance Street and Pioneer Street (infront of TV5), Mandaluyong. Program starts at 9am and ends at 6pm.

We’re planning to expose our kids earlier than 4 years old! 🙂

Here are photos from previous Junior Preneur events!


Know more about the event here
Let me know too if you’re interested to attend- email me at tinatanjuatco@gmail.com !

Children will not only learn how to earn and save but also share and learn some more.

Here’s a little trivia on the venue:
Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 4.26.33 PM.png
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