Fitbit Blaze: Get Fit in Smart Style

I unboxed an early mother’s day + birthday gift 💕 ❤❤❤ – a Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch! I’ve been always into exercising and being healthy since maybe back in elementary or high school, but I never really measured my daily activities or routine. I based it on my clothes (although thin does not translate to being healthy okay?) and weight (again, not the only measure of being healthy).


I never thought it would have so much features. I really don’t want a smart watch at first but I’d like a good accurate pedometer. But this one is just amazing and it focuses on fitness. Don’t expect to send messages, call, or view your contacts here. It’s not a mini smartphone but it’s a really good fitness watch!

Fitbit Blaze Features:

  • Aside from being stylish – can match my everyday clothes even to semi-formal ones, you may change the straps too and it’s water resistant.
  • Touchscreen and is colored!


  • It monitors your heart rate. You may also turn this feature off if you want.
  • Long battery life. When it’s fully- charged, battery life can last up to 3-5 days without charging.
  • Measures how many steps I took, monitors sleep, and  stationary time.
  • There are clock options to choose from – from digital to analog looking types.
  • You will be notified if there’s a call, message, or calendar alert on your phone. You may also turn off this feature if you wish to.
  • You may also control your music from the Fitbit Blaze – play, pause, jump to next track.
  • There’s a workout you can follow called FitStar on the device. It will give you a step by step instruction on what to do.


  • You can input and choose your activities like run, bike, workout, weights, treadmill, or elliptical.
  • There’s a timer – countdown and stopwatch. Perfect for other activities you want to monitor.
  • You can create alarms via the website or app if you want to be reminded on anything you will do or maybe as simple as drinking water.
  • You can control the screen’s brightness
  • Easy to sync. No need for a laptop just a smartphone. You can choose to manually update or keep it synced the whole day.


  • You may also create a food plan to reach your target weight and choose from different  plan intensities and know what target dates you are looking at to reach your goal.


  • You may log and monitor your water intake too.
  • It shows how many floor you’ve climbed and how many calories you burned already.
  • You get badges and trophies for your achievements too!


  • There’s a social networking component too. You can add friends with Fitbit accounts and challenge them for fun.
  • Fitbit will also send an via email you weekly activities summary.
  • If you have problems or issues on the device, they have a customer support on the app to directly contact them for help.

I can’t wait to fully utilize all the features. For now, I monitor the basics and I couldn’t go double time to reach my target weight. I know breastfeeding and child care will help me shed all the extra weight naturally in time after I give birth but the Fitbit will help me also get fit in the coming months and years 😉

It’s an amazing Fitbit product variant but I must say all the Fitbit products are very accurate and really help people get fit and healthy.

Now I’m inspired to stay fit and healthy all the more especially for my family.

The other Fitbit products may be found here and other details on Fitbit brand and products: click here

You may purchase Fitbit in the Philippines through Lazada or visit their Facebook page here or from Digital Walker shops nationwide.

“Fit is not a destination. It is a way of life.”

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