Onesies for Babies converted to Shirts

We love baby onesies! They’re adorable baby clothes that are always in place no matter how you carry babies. No peeping tummies and the people carrying the baby don’t need to worry about fixing his/her clothes. Onesies are also called infant bodysuit with snaps over the crotch area to allow ease in changing diapers.

Why does it have folded envelope-like sleeves? 

All onesies’ sleeves are designed this way to make it easier to remove a dirty or messy onesie easier. You don’t need to remove it upwards if there’s a mess in the diaper areas of the onesie. No need to worry about getting those messy poop on your baby’s hair right? 🙂

Onesies come in various cute, humorous, and unique designs. They came on sleeveless, long sleeves, and short sleeves. Some cute ones here but trust me, there’s really a lot one funny ones out there!


There are unique and stylish ones too.

Since our baby was growing up fast and sometimes it’s difficult to change her while she’s in her onesie during the day (because she kept moving and wanting to play), diaper change became quite a physical struggle for me. Even at night while she’s asleep, because I need to pull the onesie up, down (after changing her diaper) and snap it after, I end up waking her up during diaper change. To lessen these struggles, I decided to convert the onesies into shirts and they turned out better for all of us eventually 🙂

Here’s one of the mommy hacks I can share with you.

How did I convert them?

Well, if I have a sewing machine at home, I could’ve done it myself but due to limited space and resources, I had to look for a good clothes alterations shop that’s not heavy on the pocket.

I first went to a famous alterations shop in the malls. They really did a good job on 2 of the onesies. I just wanted to try them out first. They used a special machine for the stitches. It costs P250 each. I found it a bit pricey considering some onesies actually cost lower than that. So I tried a neighborhood alterations shop and it costs P50 each onesie. Not bad right? So I made them work on the rest of the oniesies I plan to convert.

If you have enough time or someone to do it for you, you can also sew it by hand. Just cut the onesies carefully and make sure you cut them straight so they won’t look like rags 😉

So here are some of her 20 pieces of converted onesies to shirts. Designs were intact too. We’re enjoying them now everyday!

*** Some onesies become too short. Make sure you measure the torso of the onesie versus the torso of your baby.

I hope it works out for the moms and dads out there too! 🙂


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