Family portrait poses

Most families today, have their photos taken with the complete immediate family either professionally or just on their own during special events and reunions.

Sometimes, we resort to just smiling formally then after that we do a wacky pose in however way each of us want to look wacky in the picture. We can actually be more creative than that without having to spend too much on props, lightings, and effects.

If you hire a professional photographer, then you’ll have resources to improve lightings and edit some of the photos’ elements. If you’re doing it on your own, it will cost you less. Anyway, you can always edit too using the many photo editing apps out there for free. You can have professional looking photos too with good skill in free editing apps. But of course, best to aim for natural enhancements, without much dramatic effects. It will look fake and super edited. Too dramatic takes out the natural emotions you’d like the photo to  express.

We just had our family portrait a year ago when I was still pregnant. Our families from abroad came home for the holidays and we remembered day and not just the photos.


Yellow Sun 9517E

Yellow Sun 9530E

Either way, whether you’ll hire a professional photographer or not. Best to have good ideas on how to pose. I’ve pinned several ideas on my Pinterest board: Family poses. The more natural our photos are, the more we show how beautiful our family is.

If you don’t take photos yearly or regularly of your family, it’s a great idea to start now. You cannot go back and capture moments when your families are younger. Capture as much as you can for memories, love, and good tim es sake.

Have fun capturing those precious moments!

Here’s the link: Family poses


*** Photos courtesy of The Yellow Sun Studio 

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