Best Way to Cook Tocino (Updated Aug 6, 2021)

Cooking tocino (sweet cured meat) can be as easy as frying it in cooking oil. We think it’s that easy, we begin to wonder, is that the right way to cook it really? When I cook this at home I usually end up making the outer parts of the sliced meat overcooked or slightly burned. I just couldn’t get it right! Most of my tocinos back then were just overcooked and lousy.

 If only I knew about this years ago when I was younger and still experimenting in our kitchen, I could’ve served better food. I’m sharing this to those who don’t know yet or maybe knew but forgot (which always happens to a lot!). This is one alternative or we can also say healthier way to cook it. You’ll feel like you “professionally” cooked it!

My sister and I had a chance to cook some stuff including tocino this weekend since she slept over for the weekend.

So here are the steps: 


1. Make your own homemade tocino (chicken or pork) and freeze. Of course, it can also be purchased from supermarkets and groceries too. We always buy the fatless tocino from Pampanga’s Best. Less fats and less oil! You can buy them in leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide (in the Philippines).

2.Thaw the pack or you can also cook them straight from the freezer and thaw while cooking.

3. Remove the tocino from the pack and put them on your frying pan. No need to use cooking oil.

4. Put a little water, like half submerged, in the pan. Don’t put too much. This won’t serve as a soup for the tocino so control the quantity.

5. Boil the tocino in water and lower the heat once it starts boiling. Wait until it caramelizes and wait until it’s dark but not burned. Continue until your preferred cooking preference – medium or well done. 

6. Share and enjoy!

No need for cooking oil which makes it less oil and possibly softer than if you overcook it. Trust me, I cook our tocino food nicely since I knew about this method. It saves time thawing and prepare it too. Try doing this from now on feel like a chef yourself. 

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art

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