Marry a man who…

1. is genuinely kind and nice to EVERYONE.

2. will not give you lies and hurt you. Honest about even the smallest things.

3. doesn’t lose his temper a lot.

4. finds a lot of faults in others.

5. is open to you more than anyone in his life.

6. believe in you more than anyone else.

7. puts God first in his actions and his words (with consistency).

8. respects you in any situation you are in.

9. doesn’t judge you through the faults of others close to you.

10. respects your family despite anything or  whatever circumstances are in life.

11. preaches and live forgiveness.

12. admits faults.

13. has a heart bigger than his pride.

14. let you meet his friends and have trustworthy friends (our friends reflect who we are too).

15. knows how to listen to your stories however little, petty, or unimportant the story is for him.

16. talks and brags about you.

17. is willing to make sacrifices for you and the family at any given day (even if he has his schedule) and of course we are to do the same for him.

18. follows you when you try to teach him things that will be good for him.

19. has his own opinion and knows what he wants in life.

20. is hardworking and resourceful.

21. doesn’t talk about your faults or your family’s fault to others (respect begets respect).

22. knows the difference of venting versus complaining.

23. is a positive person.

24. doesn’t touch you during arguments or fights you might have.

25. is hardworking but still prioritizes you and the family.

26. doesn’t judge you for waking up later than him.

27. cares and is sensitive to others (not self-centred).

28. doesn’t search or into so much contact with his ex or past love interests in his social media accounts.

29. communicates and is open about himself to you.

30. shares his innermost and simplest thoughts with you.

31. is loves and treats you the same even with some life changes like job loss, weight gain or loss, mood swings, and others.

32. understands that kindest and generosity is in the little things not the grand ones.

33. sees organizing and cleaning an act of love and not a requirement or a task.

34. counts how much chores, errands, and things he did for you and the family.

35. doesn’t only think about himself in all situations. Who can bend and sacrifice for the family, who will give up rest and sports time to be able for the family or wife to maybe rest more or do things that she wants to do for herself.

36. doesn’t go to night clubs or gentlemen’s clubs even if others will request or pressure him to go.

37. doesn’t lie or deny when he gets caught lying.

38. doesn’t see you as a object or a stereotype woman who needs to be the one to do womanly-chores like laundry, washing of dishes, cleaning, child care, and more.

39. is not shy to tell others and his friends that he does house work too for you.

40. shares the same passion and vision for your future.

41. knows how to discuss relationship and family matters maturely and calmly.

42. doesn’t escape or ignore conversations, serious talk, criticisms, and suggestions.

43. doesn’t give you mind games or challenges on the onset of the relationship.

44. doesn’t blame you for his mistakes and faults.

45. is not shy to show affection to you in front of his family and friends (not an over public display of affection though)

46. doesn’t mind or get mad if you ask him questions on his schedule and other matters you want to know about him.

47. remembers you stories and what you tell him (it means he pays attention to what you say and to you).

48. is loyal to you and has only you in his life.

49. finds ways to keep the trust strong and shows his honesty well

50. doesn’t physically and emotionally abuse you.

Realistically you can’t get all of these descriptions and reactions from one person. But you’ll know if they’re trying.

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