Our best 19 Cake Suppliers for birthdays and special events in Metro Manila

Cakes will forever be part of a person’s birthday celebration (regardless of age). A cake holds candles which represents the age of the birthday celebrator. As a symbol of unity, everyone gathers to sing the happy birthday song and the celebrator will traditionally make a wish (usually not recited aloud but only to himself/ herself) and then blow the flames form the candles out. If you get them all in one blow, it is said that all your wishes will come true. Maybe just putting fun to the tradition too.

A Cake usually represents a person- his/ her personality and favourites. For kids, their cakes are usually carriers characters and designs they like. For adults, cake nowadays may still have those traditional sugar flowers but it can be a unique and special cake for the celebrator. Cakes for adults may also come in a well-decorated fondant cake. Cake transformed from colorful icings and sweet messages to a whole new level and to add, the really skillful bakers today are nailing it.

Whatever design it may be, one thing is for sure. No celebration will ago by without a sweet cake and unique cake that everyone will enjoy! This is in no particular order.

1. Cakeshop by Sonjaclick here for their website


We love their rainbow pound cake! They were originally name Cupcakes by Sonja for their beautiful and delicious cupcakes. Now that they have cakes and have more products in their line up, they are now called Bakeshop by Sonja.

2. Sugarplum Pastries click here for their website

If you want your cake perfect to the tiniest detail, then Sugarplum Pastries it is! Every cake crafted with love and precision. They can put effects and lights on your cake too!

3. Costa Bravaclick here for their Instagram page

Without bias, the simplest yet best cake for us. Costa Brava is part of our every milestone since I was in college when I think they were just starting. They customize simple cake and I love our wedding cake from them too. All the special events and milestone of our children’s life, their cakes were Costa Brava. They also have homemade food. They usually join Powerplant’s Baker’s Fair almost every weekend. White marshmallow cake and caramel cakes are our ultimate favorite.

We love how not commercialized they are and they maintain it up to this day. No Facebook but they have an Instagram now.

4. Sugar Corner – click here 

Great passion always turns out good. Bella started with cakes and cupcakes and now she teaches those who want to learn how to make wonderful cakes in her bake shop studio. She got several TV features too. Nothing beats a brand made with genuine love for their craft. We love their cakes and cupcakes and how custom-made cakes and cupcakes turn out.

5. Cotton Tail Cake Studioclick here 

Cuteness overload in every cake Cotton Tail Cake Studio bakes. They’re fully booked weeks ahead so you better plan your special occasion cakes way in advance with them. That’s how good they are 🙂

6. AA Cake Design click here 

Elegant cake flowers are AA Cake Design’s masterpiece. She can do any design but with great skills in creating floral cakes, you will want to order her masterpieces instead. They have vegan cake too!

7. The Flour Girl Bakery click here 

They cater to different cakes of all shapes, sizes, and kinds. Their cakes are such beauties especialu the drip cakes.

8. Purple Oven

photo by: mookieboo

When Starbucks was first introduce into the Philippines, their cakes and pastries were from Purple Oven. Now that the demand is more, they decided to focus on retail bake shops. They have so much and take note, relatively affordable ones considering the taste of their cakes are excellently good! They have branches in Tenple Drive Quezon City, Nuvali, and Makati. They don’t accept customized orders though.

9. Karen’s Kitchen click here 

Their red velvet cake is to die for! They now have so much products and food!

10. Ms. Polly’s Cakes and Desserts

Classic chocolate goodness! It used to be one of those delicious gasoline station cakes years ago. It was simple yet will leave a mark that will make you crave for it from time to time. Haven’t tried though their other desserts. We should do that soon! They have a kiosk in Robinsons Galleria.

11. Red Ribbon – click here

Their cakes evolved and improved through time. They now have rainbow dedication cakes and you can order cakes online already too. They bake customized cakes too. Arrange with the nearest Red Ribbon branch.

12. Goldilocks – click here

Aside from their regular cakes and rolls, they now have fondant cakes! They have theme cakes, greeting cakes, caharacter cakes, baptismal cakes, debut cakes and many more! You’ll be surprised how much cakes they now offer. You may even decorate your own cake. They sell toppers too.

13. Becky’s Kitchen

They have really food desserts you can serve and their cakes are simple but do not underestimate its taste! Their classic chocolate cake is what we usually order and everyone enjoys it! You should also try their brownies. They’re located inside Valle Verde 1 subdivision.

14. Cakes by Miriam PH

Cakes top with fruit goodness or chocolate goodness are their expertise. Their cakes are overloaded with goodness and yummyness.

15. The Pastry Cart

Their Creme Brulee cakes are the best! I’m sure their other cakes are good too. Homemade goodness with every slice indeed!

16. Sweet Life by Ange

This is your go-to stylish desserts and snacks for your next special event. Their Confetti cakes are awesome!

17. The Delightful Miss Joyceclick here for her Instagram page

Elegant cakes for special days and milestones of your life. When passion drives an artist like Joyce, her masteprieces speak out for it. Simple and elegant= pure beauty.

19. S&R – click here for branches

Last but not the least. Yes, they have cakes and celebration cakes. Simple design but really affordable and the taste is actually good too! It’s a simple homemade-like cake you can enjoy. There’s chocolate, butter cake, and even cheesecakes too. We love S&R for all their quality and always fresh food.

*** beautiful photos are owned by respective cake makers***

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